Wild Bird Expo™ 2021 Sign Up Form

Questions about registration? Please call or email Brenda Wright (Show Coordinator):

Phone: 888-985-2473 Fax: 866-340-9670, Email: info@wildbirdexpo.com

A printable registration form can be downloaded here




Tuesday, Oct. 12th – Oktoberfest Celebration @ Warehouse:


Wednesday, Oct. 13th – Free Breakfast @ Warehouse:


Wednesday, Oct. 13th – Free Lunch @ Warehouse:


Wednesday, Oct. 13th –Share Night w/ Free Dinner & Drinks:


Thursday, Oct. 14th – Free Breakfast @ Warehouse:


Thursday, Oct. 14th – Free Lunch @ Warehouse:



Hotel Info: Nights Needed / Smoking or Non-Smoking

Tuesday, Oct. 12th:


Wednesday, Oct. 13th:



Early arrivals on Monday or those staying over on Thurday will be responsible for their own expenses for those evenings.

Arrival Info into St. Louis: Free Shuttles from St. Louis to Mexico provided by Gold Crest Distributing

(You can provide this later. Book flights early on Southwest and Air Tran and you'll get great rates into St. Louis!)




Shuttle Info: Will you be using our shuttles? |

To and From above flghts? |

Just around Mexico? |